GSL 1.13 for Windows

I maintain this port of the GNU Scientific Library (GSL) to Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Express Edition.

Contact me if you need the library in other forms (at the moment, only static library with multithread DLL (/MD) and multithread (/MT) are provided)

Download :

Failmalloc 0.1 for MacOS X

This software mimics the functionnality of failmalloc for linux

Welcome to failmalloc. This software generates a shared library which can be loaded by DYLD_INSERT_LIBRARIES.

The idea behind failmalloc is to demonstrate what really happens if memory allocation fails. Unfortunately, most programs in this world are not robust, mostly because programmers are careless, but sometimes because programmers are too brave. Regardless of whatever reasons, the most critical problem is in that there is no good way to see such failures in reality, until a program is deployed into a heavy production system. Clearly, this is too late!

Failmalloc addresses this problem.

OGRE 3ds2mesh

I have written this exporter to convert plain 3D Studio (.3ds) files to Ogre3D .mesh file format. The sources are available in the ogreaddons CVS. It compiles on Windows and linux.

For the moment only geometry, texture coordinates and material are exported. If you need animation/camera exports, contact me.

Download 3ds2mesh 1.1:

iPhone applications

Contact me

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